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    1. Account Creation

    Some activities on our Service require registration. By creating an account, you guarantee that your age is above 13, that you have not earlier been suspended or banned from the Site and that all data you indicate in the sign up form are up-to-date and fully accurate. Giving misleading or untruthful information of whatsoever nature may lead to your account closure. We can ban your access to the Site with or without cause, as well as disable or delete it in the event you or your content violates the Terms or is able to harm our reputation.

    2. User Content

    The Site allows submission of various data, images and materials. You remain in charge for the consistency, correctness and validity of your account Content, hold ownership rights in relation to the Content, as well as bear responsibility for protecting those rights. Hasshe does not claim any ownership to your Content and does not have permission to use, show, duplicate, adjust, change or distribute it for any selling purposes. Nevertheless, you entitle us to access, host, copy, share, reformat and perform your Content as required in the prospect of delivering the Services to you.

    3. Adult Content

    Please be aware that this Site contains certain part of adult or mature Content, and some of its areas are enabled only for users who are 18 years old or above. The users under such age are restricted to access our Service pursuant to the laws and regulations of jurisdiction. In case if we discover that any under-age user performs transaction through our Site, we will be obliged to require verified parental consent based on the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

    4. Backup Policy

    We recommend you to constantly generate and maintain backup copies of all Content you host on the Service. We have no responsibility to you if for any reason any of your Content is deleted, or if it is lost due to any modification, suspension or termination of the Site. Moreover, we do not pay off any compensation for improper backup functioning.

    5. Links to 3rd Party Sites

    Our Service may display links to other resources. We do not hold control over such links, as well as carry no responsibility for any kind of Content they provide and any damage or loss that may be caused due to the use of this Content. You hereby agree with and acknowledge your awareness of all risks which can arise from the use of or reliance on any 3rd party sites.

    6. Advertisements and Promotions

    The Site contains the set of advertising and promotional materials produced by 3rd party service providers. Your activity in regard to and any interaction with the 3rd parties, as well as any terms, conditions, guarantees or representations related to such activity interaction are and will be solely between you and the 3rd parties.

    7. Unauthorized Activities

    By using this Site, you agree not to do any of the following: (i) violate any relevant laws or regulations and/or encourage others to take part in any unlawful acts; (ii) run the Site for any selling purposes and/or in any fashion breach intellectual property rights, which protect us or other individuals; (iii) restrict or ignore security features of the Site; (iv) upload or transmit viruses, spam, spider, pretext, phish, pharm, crawl or scrape; (v) submit false, misleading or discriminative information; (vi) gather, use and track personal data of others (names, email addresses, etc.).

    8. Ownership

    The Site is exclusively maintained and operated by Hasshe, and the Content of this Site is the property of Hasshe, its licensors and suppliers. We own all legal rights, including intellectual property rights, title and interest in and to this Service. Any copy, distribution or otherwise use of Content or data placed through or on the Site is strongly prohibited.

    9. Limitation of Liability

    To the maximum extent endorsed by law, under no conditions will Hasshe, its personnel, officers, managers, affiliates, consultants, subsidiaries and agents have responsibility to you for any incidental, indirect, consequential and intangible damages resulting from (i) your access or inability to access, use or inability to use the Service; (ii) any 3rd party Content on the Service; or (iii) unauthorized access to, use or change of your Content, whether based on any legal theory, and irrespective of whether or not you have been informed of the prospect of such damages or could have expected such damages. An exclusive supreme liability for all losses, damages and grounds for an action shall be the total amount paid by you, if any, to access the Site.

    10. Indemnity

    You hereby agree to protect, cover and hold Hasshe and Hasshe personnel, officers, managers, affiliates, consultants, subsidiaries and agents from and against any claims, obligations, and payments (including, without limitation, reasonable fees for attorneys) we incur in relation to or caused from any 3rd party activities, requests, claims or disputes declared against any of them as a result of or related to your Content, your use of the Site or any deliberate misbehavior from your side.

    11. Severability

    All the rights and restrictions controlled by the Terms may be exercised and shall be applied only upon condition that they do not violate any laws and regulations and are limited within the scope necessary so that they will not render the Terms invalid, illegal or unenforceable. In case any provision or portion of any provision of these Terms is deemed to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it is the intention of the parties that the remaining provisions or portions thereof shall establish their agreement in relation to the subject matter hereof, as well as continue to the fullest extent.

    12. Dispute Resolution

    In order to resolve any disputes arising out of the Terms between you and Hasshe in the most convenient and cost effective manner, the parties agree that such disputes shall be submitted to and resolved by binding arbitration.
    The parties shall select a mutually acceptable arbitrator knowledgeable about issues relating to the subject matter of the Terms. The arbitrator shall have the power to issue mandatory orders and limit orders in the context of arbitration, but shall have no authority to adjust any provision of these Terms or to award damages. Resolution taken by the arbitrator shall be ultimate and binding on the parties, and judgment may be entered in line with such resolution in any court having jurisdiction. The prevailing party shall be enabled to recover its rational legal costs relating to that aspect of its claim or defense on which it prevails, and any opposing costs awards shall be offset. The agreement to arbitration shall be precisely enforceable in obedience to the effective arbitration law. During the stated term of any arbitration proceeding, the parties shall carry on performing their obligations based on these Terms.

    13. Changes to the Terms of Service

    We may from time to time adjust and revise the Terms or policies connected with the Site or Services. All the changes we make will be posted on the bottom of this page. Your use of the Site after the changes get into effect means your acceptance of the amended Terms.

    14. Contact

    In case you have any questions concerning our Terms of Service, feel free to contact us.
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