There’s a gap in the cabinets because of an angled sink. Countertops get installed on Monday

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  1. Put the link to this post on something with a skeleton for potential good internet karma. If Reddit hasn’t been the next AOL, we should get an alert when anyone finds it!

  2. When we rebuilt a deck at my parents’ house, we did the same thing. In 30-40 years, whoever rips the deck up is going to be a little scared… pursuing the long game

  3. When I ripped out my carpet, I was so surprised to find nothing of interest. Before setting the new floor, I made sure to draw a chalk outline of myself, a friend, and my cat with red paint splatter coming out of our butts. To top it off, I threw in a few tiny bits of crime scene tape.

  4. But, if you just want to creep out the future people, look up how to make a realistic mummy out of paper mache on YouTube. You may also make it appear as if it still has some meat on it.

    On the other hand, maybe you don’t want to invest the time or prefer a quick shock. In any case, it’s hilarious!

  5. I did this with a skeleton that came in a bag when I built my deck last year, I buried them, they came in a nice white color with some tarnish, and they look super realistic because they aren’t related. I pity whoever finds it; they’re going to freak out.

  6. The dead space irritates the hell out of me… The shelves should go all the way through that area to make it accessible storage.

  7. Well, indeed… I’m calling the police as soon as I find out. Don’t catch a skeleton and exclaim, “hah, it’s just a fake one…ah crap.”

  8. My mother, who is 75 years old, and my 56-year-old brother recently remodeled her porch. She concealed a full-size plastic skeleton under it for the next owners to discover.

    So, in a nutshell, these are my people.

  9. Haha!! It’s like the guy who wrote “Get Out!” in red paint. Drag marks were applied to a floor vent, and then wall to wall carpet was spread over it.

  10. In the dead room, a friend of mine hung a large picture of himself with the words “what is your fucking problem with the kitchen I built?”

  11. Perhaps you might remove one of the shelf walls and add some light scratch marks to the inside of the cabinet? Let it seem as if they crawled in and died while attempting to escape. Since the cabinet inside the wall is removable, someone will find it one day and remove it, revealing a skeleton.

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