I would start a diet after this

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  1. Not the leanest of men, but the rope isn’t up to the challenge. It tends to be dynamic, so it stretches. It should be made of steel. Laughable

  2. The man who is laughing is extremely rude, and he sounds just like that spanish interviewed laughing guy who has appeared in a thousand memes.

  3. It’s just a shoddy zipline. Someone probably saw one made out of steel cable and thought to themselves, “I should just make one out of hempen rope and charge tourists a hefty price!”

  4. What a fucking jerk. That cord looked like you’d have to be way lighter, not just a little lighter, if he was just trying to vacation or something. It tends to be a sham zipline.

  5. My father witnessed the exact opposite. He was so skinny that he couldn’t get enough traction and ended up trapped in the middle of a zipline for 15 minutes in the middle of a huge canyon.

  6. Wait for 3…2…wait for 3…2…wait for 3…2…wait for 3…2…wait for 3 Let’s get started. 3….2…..wait a minute….. Okay, three, two, and one. Oh, for God’s sake!!!

  7. After taking my son to Six Flags, I realized I needed to lose weight because I was too overweight to ride any of the rides with him. We walked around for the majority of the day.

    It was a long time ago. I finally lost the weight, and I’m getting him back as soon as I can, and we’re going to ride all those pigs.

  8. That’s all on the operators’ shoulders; it’s not like he’s the first fat person to try it; they should have told him he didn’t stand a chance.

  9. The unfortunate thing is that the zipline guy seems to be used to it. He behaves as if he already knows what to do in this situation.

  10. The most important thing, in my opinion, is to be self-aware. I’m overweight, and I’m conscious that just because I can doesn’t mean I should.

  11. In America, we’d basically tell you that you’re too heavy to travel due to safety concerns. This paying customer can continue down the line in one direction or another if that is what he needs and has paid for. Respectable in some ways, but revolting in others, since this was not healthy and could endanger the majority of people who don’t weigh more than 250 pounds.

  12. That was heartbreaking to watch. Poor man, he’s being insulted like that. He knows he’s tall, but that doesn’t mean he can’t try to have a good time.

  13. This strikes me as something of a case of bullying… “Let’s all laugh at the fat man,” you suggest. That’s not cool. Someone caught it on camera and then had the audacity to post it online, which was probably incredibly humiliating for him.

  14. The cameraman’s laughter is infectious, and I confess that I did chuckle at first. But then the man on the zip line didn’t seem to find the situation amusing at all, and the video went from being amusing to being sad. He was definitely embarrassed, and I feel sorry for him.

  15. This is bad, and the person filming it is a jerk. Clearly, the guy in the rope isn’t having a nice time, and he’s just filming, smiling, and teasing him. It’s very revolting.

    Please embrace my downvote.

  16. I’m not sure if this guy’s weight was the problem, but that line had way too much slack in it. I don’t think even a 100-pound person could go down it without it sagging a foot or three halfway down.

  17. Although it makes me laugh, my girlfriend and I once went on a kayaking trip in Thailand. It just went under as we sat in the double Kayak. Where it was, it sunk like a stone. Some regions have a common definition of what it means to be overweight.

  18. This isn’t funny to me; I just feel bad for the kid who is the subject of the recording.

    I can only imagine how embarrassing this was. Oh, no.

  19. This was filmed by someone who is a bad friend. The fat guy was probably already embarrassed, and his friends’ laughter just contributed to his embarrassment.

  20. This would have been humiliating as hell for someone who is on the plus side. I’ve had to get off a roller-coaster ride because I couldn’t fit into the seats, and it was the worst experience of my life. The walk-embarrassment off’s and humiliation are the worst feelings in the world.

  21. Is it just me who feels sorry for this guy?


    However, maybe this should act as a wake-up call. but it’s always depressing

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