#1 Rule of Planks: Don’t Look at the Clock

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  1. Distracting yourself is extremely beneficial. I used to solve difficult sudokus when doing the plank a few years ago. I got really good at solving them quickly and keeping a plank for 6 minutes straight at the same time. It’s a lot less if I look at a timer.

  2. To become a core teacher, I had to hold a 5 minute plank and 3 minute per hand, which was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done. It was depressing to hear other people in the room drop out and fail the certification.

  3. It seems that none of you are aware of the world record plank. Take a look at this! 8:15:15:15:15:15:15:15:15:15:15:15 I’m baffled as to how this is possible.

  4. Although the joke number is 5, the actual video of him planking is only about 30 seconds long. When I saw it, it seemed to last a lot longer. The stream of consciousness text does an excellent job of duping you into experiencing the same time lapse.

  5. They’re a lot more difficult than they seem. I started at 20 seconds and worked my way up to about 2 minutes, but by the fourth second, I was shaking like a pooping puppy.
    It was a difficult task.

  6. I can plank for hours but not a single pushup, please help! Planks are so easy for me; I’m not sure why people despise them, but most people can do at least one pushup and can’t understand why I can’t.

  7. Is it because I’m some sort of superhuman that planks don’t bother me? At the very least, not the low planks. It’s more difficult to do a high plank/press up plank.

  8. Since it is the second division of an hour, a second is a time unit.

    The first division is a minute, and the second division is a second because they were lazy.

  9. For me, it’s the other way around. Looking at the clock and counting down the seconds is actually beneficial.

    Whereas not looking at the clock makes me feel like I’m working harder than I am, I’m ready to get up and discover I’ve only worked for half the time I thought I had.

  10. I’ve found that if I’m distracted, I can plank for much longer. When I do a regular plank, 30 seconds feels like two minutes. However, if I turn to Reddit or watch a YouTube video, the time flies by much faster.

  11. Just look up the world record for planks on the internet…

    You’ll be in a bad mood.

    I do 1min30 per week; it’s not my thing, but it’s supposed to be good for the back, so I try to do it on a regular basis because I work in software development.

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