Being in a loving, long term relationship with the mother of your children is often fantastic – but it’s also mostly this.

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  1. And this is when you just watch whatever you want and leave the other person to deal with it or find something else to do. If you’re not able to compromise on something, I’m not going to ask you 20 questions to find out what you want to watch.

  2. This is why I like horror films. You just pick one at random if you want to watch something. Whether it’s sweet, it’s good; if it’s poor, it’s amusing.

    It’s impossible to find a comedy on Netflix. There are so many poor ones, and sitting through one is excruciating. It doesn’t help matters that Netflix classifies everything as a comedy…

  3. My ex used this as an excuse to claim that I didn’t understand her and I couldn’t figure out what she was up to. Going out is the same way. She didn’t have to make any excuses; all she had to say was, “You’re sleeping around and want to break up with me.”

  4. It’s a completely made-up problem.

    You simply turn something on when you say “you choose.” If there are any concerns, you quietly relinquish power.

  5. Hacking:
    “I know what we should watch!” says the guy.
    “What?!?” exclaims the woman.
    “Guess!” says the guy.

    Whatever she says is just what she needs to see. This also deals for meals and outings around town… before they figure it out. Dads, best of luck!

  6. My partner enjoys watching the majority of a season. Then come to a halt. A new season has begun. It irritates me greatly. I’ll have to finish the season on my own to find out how it will end.

  7. He’s not selecting something. He’s simply presenting her with choices and asking her to choose yes or no. She needs HIM to make the decision. Simply choose something!

  8. It’s straightforward. Someone presents choices, and the other person chooses one or two of them. Alternatively, both throws choices are available; vote on 1-3. The choice with the most votes is the winner. An executive decision can still be made.

  9. I simply do not participate in this game. Two screens is the answer; she watches her things, I watch sports, and then there are times when we both enjoy something and watch it together.

  10. My opinion is that if neither of you cares about what you’re going to watch, you shouldn’t be watching something. Something else would be more constructive and satisfying than mindlessly half-watching nonsense TV while on your tablet.

  11. There are two lists:

    Shows that we are excited to watch.

    We have a backlog of shows to watch.

    If we can’t tell after the first, we’ll catch the first on the second and just watch that.

    If we say “Naaaa,” it is permanently deleted from the chart.

    The active watch is placed on the back log if it is passed over three times.


    We watch a lot less television than we think.

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