Hey check out my friend! He makes these comics!

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  1. I attempted to do this for the sake of exposing my good friend. I did it, however, with his permission. Regardless, given how talented I believe he is, the answer was somewhat disappointing. But, in the end, it’s all phony internet points.

  2. Don’t listen to the jerks who advise you not to promote yourself. Anyone who makes a living as a maker or artist, whether online or off, would tell you to self-promote like crazy. Including links to your website, social media accounts, Patreon, PayPal, Venmo, and other similar services. People who value your work will appreciate it, and those who do not will never.

  3. It’s a conundrum. When uploading original content on Reddit, for example, there are unwritten guidelines. Self-promotion is **BAD**, but having a friend or stranger post your work is **GOOD**.

    This excludes posts like “this is my first time sharing my job, I’m very nervous, etc.”

  4. Sorry, but the standard amount of meta isn’t going to cut it any longer.

    Comics about posting comics on Reddit, and comics about posting comics on Reddit? We need to dig a little deeper.

    I’d like to see a comic about posting comics on Reddit, specifically on Reddit. Make it snappy, or else the meme will go down two levels before you finish the last panel.

  5. You see it all the time. “This was made by my 15-year-old son” or “this was made by my 14-year-old daughter.” It’s Still 14 or 15, no matter what. It’s almost certainly OP acting as though he has a child in order to attract publicity.

  6. Anyone who is an indie artist knows how it is. I’ve pretty much stopped releasing anything to some site because what’s the point?

  7. This is absolutely right. I used to contribute to the Japan travel subreddit by answering people’s questions about the country. The mods used to tell me off for posting links to my blog. Was it okay if I connected to other people’s sites but not mine?

  8. The story of the timid, modest artist being pulled out of their artistic isolation by their proud, talentless best friend is one we like.

  9. What bothers me is that “sharing your art” and “promoting yourself” are considered synonymous. I believe it is simply sharing your art unless you say “here buy this” or “here’s a product I made that you can buy” or “follow my monetised youtube.” Isn’t it true that we want original content?

  10. One of the things I like/hate about reddit is when someone accuses you of “karma whoring” for posting your own content, as if the whole point of reddit isn’t to get people to look at your stuff. People behave as if reddit were some kind of infinitely innovative entertainment machine where no one gets credit for something.

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