Hey, How’s it going?

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  1. How’s it going with them?
    I’m still alive.
    Them – Well, that’s great.
    Everyone keeps telling me that, so I believe it.
    They – Forces a forced laugh and a smile as they walk away.
    I despise myself.

  2. Everyone wants to know how things are going.

    Nobody wants to ask the grown ass in the corner, who is crying uncontrollably.

    “You sob alone when you cry. When you chuckle, the rest of the world laughs along with you.”

  3. “How’s it going?” says the narrator.

    “I’m suffering from severe depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation; my whole life is in shambles…”

    “Wow, that’s fantastic! :D”

  4. More SrGrafo comics that are unoriginal and scarcely relatable. This is exactly what this sub needs! You don’t have a scary anime girl to draw, do you?

  5. This is me playing Apex, introducing myself to my teammates. We hot drop and all die in 30 seconds. They leave immediately, and I line up to meet my new teammates.

  6. To be honest, we say “how’s it going?” in the UK. or “you alright?” etc. as a greeting, expecting the same in return, rather than any specific information.

  7. So, I’m new to Reddit and I’m trying to find things out.. while I’m reading this meme, I notice that the rules state that no memes are allowed.. is this not a meme? I’m not sure what we’re going to put here. And why can’t I post more than one comment in like 20 minutes, and how can I get any positive karma? I’m completely lost here.

  8. When I lived in Vancouver for a year, this was really perplexing for me as a German.

    Everyone wanted to know how I was doing, but no one cared. When I first responded, I was certainly perplexed, and the others were as well.

    It takes some time to get used to ignoring the question.

  9. “Hey, what’s up?” says the narrator.

    What I’m thinking: *Everything is terrible; I despise myself, my life, and everything I’m doing; please help me*

    “Not much, man!” I say. “How are you?”

  10. If you’re the first to respond, congratulations.

    You’re a scumbag.

    Don’t air your grievances on a stranger who is just trying to be friendly.

  11. Since I’m so used to this happening at this stage, I sometimes get flustered and irritated when my therapist asks, “How are you?” at the start of a session.

  12. One of my least favorite aspects of American culture is this. “Hey, how are things going?” You can’t be honest with people because the “good, how about you?” exchange is so deeply ingrained. If you deviate from the planned trend and say something like “kinda crappy, ngl.” or even “honestly, not so hot,” the whole conversation devolves into nonsense because no one wants to hear.

  13. I NEVER UNDERSTOOD WHY PEOPLE SAYING “Sup?” AS A GREETING CONFUSED ME SO MUCH. I genuinely still don’t get it and have to remind myself to just say “Sup” in return ugh thx for this validation

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