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  1. I gave my child a taste of soda, and he despises it. I can’t imagine waking up your child this early. I’m hoping he brushes on a regular basis.

  2. ос дaват на но еенку свое доери, а тут мало анку еси наваливает. молу вреде саара, но как улоит реенка сат?

  3. I know it’s shocking, but I have to believe the can wasn’t full and he was slowly tipping it back into his mouth to avoid being sloshed with the contents at the bottom. A toddler would cough up a whole can of fizzy liquid if he or she drank it in that short of a period.

    Maybe the mother poured 3/4 of it into her own glass before giving the remainder to him? Is there any reason to believe?

  4. Enable a 2-year-old to consume an entire can of Pepsi.

    It’s no surprise that there are so many health issues in the country. Not only does the kid consume a lot of sugar, but he also consumes a lot of caffeine.


  5. This kid will grow up to be one of those guys crushing drinks at the frat house or in the barracks, and everyone will be afraid of how much he’s consumed.

  6. The only thing that comes to mind is why is a kid this young up so late drinking a Pepsi? At his age and at that hour, sugar and caffeine??!!

  7. Redditors are such pessimists.

    It’s just as horrible for a toddler to drink Pepsi as it is for an adult to drink whiskey. It’s good every now and then. I don’t see any of you knuckleheads doing anything about it.

  8. A two-year-old with a Pepsi can? What’s more, it’s not caffeine-free? I’m not sure if the person who gave it to him was brave or just stupid.

  9. My mother just brought sodas to our house on special occasions including birthdays. But she never gave each of us a whole can. Just a smidgeonononononononononononon Only let him have a good time on his birthday.

  10. Why do parents feel the need to make their children’s names unnecessarily complicated? Do they consider how irritating it would be for the child as he or she grows older? He’ll have to type it out or explain how to say it all the time.

  11. Everyone is flipping out because he’s drinking Pepsi, but Pepsi isn’t all that bad. It’s not perfect, but it’s not going to ruin him like a can of Pepsi. I’d be more worried with something like mountain dew or redbull.

  12. Consider handing a two-year-old a Pepsi.

    Hello, my name is Scott Malkinson, and I have diabetes.

    Parenting 101 is a course on how to raise children.

  13. The kid is obviously adorable, but I found it fascinating to watch the adults’ reactions and how everyone does it without hesitation. It’s adorable.

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