The Price of Lumber is Too Darn High

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  1. I should be reprimanded because I am solely responsible for the price increases on lumber as a cashier at The Home Depot. At least, that’s how the customers perceive it.

  2. We planned to construct a house this year, but the lumber prices increased the cost from $350,000 to over $500,000….

    We made the decision to wait.

  3. This is true in both directions. I was in the market for a new deck and was considering composite. It was prohibitively costly, so I postponed it for a season. I got new quotes this spring, and now that lumber is so goddamn costly that the price difference is insignificant, I went with the composite.

  4. Isn’t it a pain? I’m stuck at home, so I figured I’d finish up some property projects, but fuck the wood is triple the price. I’ll probably start knitting or something.

  5. This spring, I had intended to build a garage. My contractor called me today to tell me that I should wait a year for prices to drop.

  6. I’m a carpenter, and a few weeks ago I was planning on building my own garage shelving, but after doing the calculations on the lumber costs, it was just a little more to buy a complete steel shelving system that took half the time to put together.

  7. So it is more expensive “due to covid,” but the mills are busier than ever and have never stopped operating. So, who gets all of the extra cash we’re paying?

  8. I had no idea this existed. I went to the big box store to get wall studs, and the 2x4s that I normally pay $2.50 for were nearly $10 each. What the hell is going on here?

  9. I’m tired of explaining that I don’t know when the rates will return to “natural,” and some customers get upset with me, saying things like, “Dude, does it look like I’m in control of regional pricing?”

  10. At Lowe’s, we used to get 8 1x4s, 2 2x4s, and 2 4x4s for around $30; nowadays, it will cost $60. To keep prices low enough to justify making the raised planters we do, we had to switch to sawmill lumber and fencing boards.

  11. I went to buy a piece of plywood that I wanted and it cost $27 for a single piece. When he rang me up, the guy laughed and said the same exact piece cost about $4 a year ago.

  12. I’ve been planning a home addition for months, and the permit was just given. I’m debating whether or not I should start it now. But the weather is nice and calm, and all I want to do is finish it. Is it predicted that the price will continue to rise?

  13. “Can you make this dog house for me?”

    Yes, for a grand total of $1000.

    “That’s ridiculous! I understand you’re a pro and it’s handcrafted, but that’s outrageous!”

    Madame, I’m offering you a fantastic deal. Labor accounts for just $150 of the total.

  14. Stymie: For lumber, $450!?
    Spanky: Where are we going to get that kind of money?
    Stymie: I’m not sure. Wood doesn’t grow on trees, as the saying goes.

  15. Isn’t it a pain? I’m stuck at home, so I figured I’d finish up some property projects… and the wood is triple the price. I’ll probably start knitting or something.

  16. Over six separate saw mills are within an hour’s drive of where I live, and they never stop operating. Despite this, prices have skyrocketed. Why our lumber is so costly perplexes me. It could be cheaper to buy a wood miser and cut down some of my trees at this stage.

  17. In a few weeks, I plan to build my workbench. I’m a slacker designer who makes something out of 2x4s. This time, I was compelled to investigate the world of particle board…..

  18. Fuck, I mean fuck, fuck, fuck, f This is absolutely right. I went out to get a 2×4. I spent $6.50… **for the sake of a goddamn 2×4!**

    The cost of repairing my fence was at least 30% higher than I expected.

  19. And here’s where you’ll be spending the night:

    >Our Lady of Peace Surgeon General Hospital >

    It’s a $20,000-per-night joint, boy.

  20. Is there anybody who knows why rates are so high? Is the pandemic to blame, and can we expect things to improve at some point? I’m at a loss for words. The cost of the project has more than doubled.

  21. My raised bed garden was built at an inopportune time. 2x4s were $4 last year when I priced them; now they’re $10, and the quality is terrible. Argh.

  22. My wife wanted to buy a bed frame that I thought was too costly, so I decided to make it myself. I spent $500 and a month and a half to reproduce the $300 bed frame… sort of.

  23. Yes, I’m an Aussie carpenter, and the price of timber is insane right now. A lot of stockists don’t know when they’ll get new stock because it’s sold out everywhere.

  24. Almost every single one of these comments has missed the point: I work as a house framer. The current lumber market is absurd… a $7 sheet of osb now costs $38. If you’re not enraged by the price of lumber futures, you have no idea how bad the housing market is about to get.

  25. I’m currently working on some deck repairs, and I’m framing a bit between posts to provide a link between the top and bottom of the deck skirting. It cost $10 to treat 2x4x8. So I bought a few 2x6x8s for $12 each and am now ripping them lengthwise on my table saw into smaller bits to save money.

  26. I purchased 4 sheets of 5/8 plywood to begin work on my insulated flooring, which used to cost about 24 dollars per sheet but now costs 64 dollars per sheet.

  27. I’m sick of people yelling at me because “the 2×4 is x dollars more expensive than it was six months ago!” or “the wood was a tenth of the price four years ago!”

    Please yell at someone else because I have no influence over the rates.

  28. My wife and I are currently building a home and have signed a fixed-price contract. Our builder is attempting to persuade us to sign an addendum allowing a $13,000 cost increase to our project so that they do not lose revenue. This because the cost of construction materials has skyrocketed since we signed. It’s insane.

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