Hating People

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  1. Look at her, she’s just standing there with her arms crossed, not supporting anybody.

    Hey, lady, if you don’t like it, go!

  2. All, I believe, feels the same way. The most we can hope for is to avoid becoming humans. Let’s pretend to be beavers instead! They are very sociable.

  3. “A human is intelligent, people are stupid, panicked, dangerous creatures, and you are well aware of this!” Men in Black’s Tommy Lee Jones. There has never been a better way to describe our species. Individually, we are intelligent and capable of functioning well, but when we succumb to the herd mentality, we become like cows that erupt when startled and leave a trail of destruction in their wake.

  4. “I like people when I encounter them one by one, but as soon as they start to group and clot, even in small groups of two, they start to sacrifice themselves for the group.” –

  5. “I don’t identify with the local community in whatever way you want to describe it. I’m not interested in the planet, animals, race, country, state, religion, party, union, club, organization, or neighborhood improvement committee. I adore and admire people when I meet them, but I fear and hate the communities they associate with and belong to.” – Carlin, George

  6. Today, I saw a man at a restaurant who was asked three times by a worker to put on his mask while waiting in line to order, and he declined. Look, I get it, man. You’re not in the mood to put on your mask. Do you believe the rules are set by the $10.00 an hour cashier? Then why do you take your frustrations out on them? If you want to be a jerk, call the boss. Don’t make it a burden for the poor kids.

  7. Some people are so cruel to people who work in retail, restaurants, and stores, guy. For example, I go out of my way to be good to polite people. It doesn’t benefit anybody if you make other people have a bad day.

  8. I completely accept! It’s as if I love other humans on paper and wish for them to be happy and live utopian lives in which they fulfill all of their ambitions and dreams while still having fun. When I’m faced with humans and see them doing things and making decisions, I’m like ew gross, get it away from me. So savage and egotistical.

  9. I’ve never worked harder for less money than I did as an Apple Store Genius. My income doubled when I moved to corporate IT, weekends were a given, the number of hours I worked per day decreased from a solid 8 to about 3-4, and my clients were replaced by other workers who couldn’t melt down like the general public.

    Customer service is an extremely mentally demanding work with low pay.

  10. I hate people who say “well why do you work here/there?”

    Uhm, because I need money so that I don’t starve or freeze to death?

  11. aRE yOu OPeN? say people as they step into your restaurant.
    Ok, you walked right in, didn’t you?
    can yOU gUYs SeRvE foOd? say people as they step into the restaurant.
    No, we’re the world’s only restaurant that doesn’t serve food.

  12. Why do you work here if you despise people?

    Money is a valuable commodity. Every single time, the answer is money. The response will remain the same.

  13. Anyone who has worked in the retail or service industries knows what I’m talking about. People who have never served in a service capacity are awful.

  14. I can certainly relate to this; I admire and am intrigued by individuals, but ‘people’ irritate me greatly. Maybe it’s because of my sexiness, but I believe it’s fairly common – particularly among people who’ve worked in the service industry!

  15. They become customers. Any person may become a Customer. A Customer is described by a perfect blend of helplessness and entitlement.

    Any person may become a Customer. It reminds me of the Agents from the Matrix films. Since anybody can turn into one, they are also our adversaries.

  16. That’s exactly what I said to a friend the other day. “I enjoy deep philosophical discussions with you as a person. However, I despise people. And then there’s small talk. I don’t give a damn about them…”

  17. That’s exactly right!
    I work at Ikea, even although we are closed due to covid, my coworkers and I are permitted to shop in the treasure trove.
    My colleagues turn to customers for me because I work in the treasure trove, and DAMN! They ask the same dumb questions and behave like the same regular customers who irritate us the most xD.

  18. Consider how intelligent the average person is, not the average of the people you hang out with. Then you know that half of the people in this country are much dumber. The earlier you agree that you live in a world populated by half-wits, the better your life will be.

  19. The main reason I couldn’t keep serving was because of this. When it comes to food and service, people are complete morons. Please treat me as a human being rather than this “phenomenal” waitress, which I am obviously not. PETUNIA, I’m sorry you didn’t get your extra napkins yet, but as you can see, you’re not the only whale in this scumbag.

  20. Agent K put it best: “A individual is intelligent.” You already know that people are stupid, panicked, dangerous creatures.

  21. This is something I say all the time. I believe that and life is beautiful, sacred, special, and important, and that we must protect and support one another at all costs, but I don’t want to be around all of them because they irritate and stress me out. Everyone is entitled to the richest, happiest, and healthiest life possible… well away from me, of course.

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