When getting the error fixed isn’t satisfying enough

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  1. A garden fence near me is on the verge of collapsing. They’ve posted a large sign for the company that built it on the broken fence, so I’m guessing they won’t come and repair it.

  2. The homeowner had a large sign made about how his roof was built improperly by a local company. He positioned it next to their work vehicle on the lawn so that everyone could see why they were returning.

  3. For that roofing business, Unethical Life Pro Tip: while you’re there, hire a different work truck that doesn’t have your company name on the side to tie you to that sign. It might cost a little money now, but by not visually binding your brand to that banner, you might be able to con a few more homeowners later on.

  4. The roofer in my first house had the nail gun set to shoot the nails too quickly. The head of the nail was totally through the shingle in a lot of them, so it wasn’t holding it. We had a bad storm about 5 months after we closed on the building, and huge pieces of shingles fell off in clumps, still stuck to each other but covering an area larger than a parking space.

  5. Stop cutting corners and provide better service; this is an excellent example of a contractor trying to save a few dollars on nails only to have it come back to bite him in the arse. You won’t have to deal with nonsense like this if you do the job right the first time, because you’ll get references from the homeowner. Dumber doing dubious stuff.

  6. Be wary of Home Depot’s offerings, which are outsourced to the lowest bidder. My roof had to be replaced three times in a row. I threatened to file a lawsuit against Home Depot.

  7. If you don’t hear the nail gun making the ” tap…. ta,ta,ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, They’re just half-assing* the work, and you’re being ripped off.

  8. Florida Contractors would like to welcome you to our website. It’s not just the roof; the electrical, plumbing, and other systems are all done badly because the state does not need certifications.

  9. Yes, this does appear to be Florida. Following the recent hurricanes, opportunists flooded the province, pretending to be roofers and hiring someone who had never climbed a ladder before. It’s been a complete disaster.

  10. I still find nails in my driveway every now and then from when my roof was redone around 6 years ago… I can’t imagine how bad it would be for this man.

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