Family in Office

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  1. Every time we have a community meeting, a boss says this to me. She was, interestingly enough, the company’s most corrupt two-faced employee.

  2. If your family was full of gaslighting manipulative bullies, “We’re a family here” seemed less appealing.

    Employers who use the phrase mean it precisely that way.

  3. “Ahahah, this is so true; the planet would be a better place if things like that didn’t exist.”

    In addition, the United States of America: “What is socialism? That is a term I despise!”

  4. Work is similar to home. That is, if your father ever said, “I’m going to have to let a couple of you kids go because business is down.”

  5. The CEO of a company where I used to work told one of my colleagues that everyone’s premiums went up the next year because of her daughter’s heart transplant.

    True or not, what kind of jerk feels that needs to be said?

  6. Any boss who says to you, “We are a family,” is planning to underpay you.

    For example, “We expect you to arrive 30 minutes before store opening, but we only pay you from store opening” and “We expect you to arrive 30 minutes before store opening, but we only pay you from store opening” at night.

    No employer really thinks you are a member of the family. They think you’re a bit slow and gullible if you hear this line from him.

  7. When anyone refers to their business as a family, they are implying that they would continue to work you to death for a pittance.

  8. I can attest to this.

    For ten years, I worked for a mom and pop company. When a coworker informed him that I had developed dangerously high blood pressure from working 14 hour shifts without breaks, my boss fired me for “no excuse,” citing right to work rules.

  9. Yes, that is right. While attempting to file FMLA paperwork, I was fired. This is going to make a few attorneys really happy. My butt says, “Family.”

  10. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha When a jerk employee arrived late to work due to an illegal turn, he was hit and his car was totaled, and when he called, I told him not to worry because he was going to be fired anyway if he showed up.

  11. Being ill in the military is a lot less difficult than being ill in the civilian world. I can’t be shot, and I’ll be paying the same if I take one or twenty sick days. In six years, I’ve never met someone who opposes sick leave; in truth, the majority of people I’ve met are more than happy to keep the sick away from the rest of us.

  12. This is something I sense in my soul.

    While on deployment, my house was totally emptied by meth heads after my ex abandoned it after giving me divorce papers right after I deployed.

    I received the following responses:

    “I should have had better protection,” says the narrator.

    “That’s a difficult nut to crack”

    “Worse has happened to women”

    and so on

  13. I disagree.

    Jaw surgery was performed. I took a month off. I came in a couple of times to assist my boss.

    For ten days after I returned, I was mostly wired shut. My workload was light because I had no energy to begin with.

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