when the customer tells you “I found someone much cheaper than you”

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  1. I just completed an estimation for a prospective client. I was told they had a company in another country that could do it at a lower price. If they choose the cheap choice over us, I believe this would be the outcome.

  2. We don’t get paid based on how quickly we complete a job, as the saying goes. We are compensated based on our years of experience.

  3. Or it appears to be the same as the first picture, but you paid less.

    For the same quality, not every business charges the same amount. It turns out that different businesses have different profit margins. It’s why you can shop around for jobs and, get this, do your research on everyone you recruit.

  4. I work for a company that shows people how much it would cost if they purchased it all from Lowes/Home Depot themselves. We come in and install in one day, provide lifetime warranties, and usually cost a few thousand dollars more. Many people want to complain or believe they can get it cheaper elsewhere.

  5. Previously, I worked in a Tex-Mex restaurant. One day, a man came in to order beef tacos and was enraged that the meal would have cost him about $13. Anyway, it ended up being a little offensive, and as he walked away, he said, “FINE.” Across the lane, I can get this for half the price!” There was a Taco Bell across the street, lmao.

  6. I previously worked at a car wash. “I know a guy who can do this for half the price,” is a complaint I hear on a daily basis.

    After a while, I became so irritated by it that I would reply, “Why didn’t you go to them, then?”

    I have no recollection of any replies. Probably because I didn’t care in the first place.

  7. I observed a group of Polish men grinding on a dilapidated and decaying old brick wall. They were out there a few days later adding veneer brick tiles over the top to make it look like a properly constructed wall.

  8. When we tried to sell a point of sale device at my previous business, the customer always tried to lower the price by saying he could use a free POS. All we had to say was GO! That’s what you can do!

  9. I can’t tell you how real this is because I’m a dentist. Do you want perfect handcrafted crowns from a master ceramist who charges a premium, or do you want what a same-day dingus will mill from a cheap block with butt margins and a thick layer of cement to fill the gap? Don’t scrimp on decisions that will have a long-term impact on your life.

  10. Take a stroll past my neighbor’s shitshow of a driveway if you’re thinking about accepting a work offer that’s half the price of three other bids.

  11. Right now, that’s my patio. I got recommendations from Facebook friends and went with their person. Patio appears to be a decent amateur effort, but not a competent one. So when I asked FB why this guy was suggested, they said it was because he was the cheapest.

    I’ve learned a valuable lesson in how to phrase my questions in the future.

  12. However, you recruit people to advertise the first photo, and they subcontract the second photo to someone else and pocket the difference.

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