I’d love to have been in class on this day.

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  1. This was something I did for a group of coworkers. I was teaching them and looking for people with strong attention to detail so that I could hire someone before they finished training. The test was not passed by anyone.

  2. One of the things on the list when we did this in class was to write your name on the blackboard. When I saw that a lot of kids weren’t getting up to do it, I sat down as well. The names on the board were all ridiculed, but the only reason I didn’t do it was because I was suspicious.

  3. On the first day of class, my fifth-grade teacher did this to the class, and only one person followed the instructions. That individual was not me!!!

  4. First week of 6th grade social studies. It was absolutely funny. Half of the class was on their feet, punching holes in the paper and yelling their names. I double-checked the directions to make sure I hadn’t missed something.

  5. This was a test I took. The only one who didn’t read it first was me. The remainder of the year was spent making fun of me and labeling me as retarded. Do not do this, teachers.

  6. My instructor did this, giving us a full page of tasks to complete in around 5-10 minutes; I just read the last line and waited. When the timer ran out, the instructor inquired as to why I had done nothing, to which I replied that I had followed the instructions.

  7. This has always been a point of contention for me. It states that you should read the entire book before beginning. If that’s the case, you’ll probably go back to the beginning and answer the questions before you get to number 10.

  8. This is something I remember doing in 7th grade or something, but it was for real points. We “failed” because about a third of the class had copies with smeared tops. When we complained to the principal about being given bad, overly copied copies, he had the exercise reversed.

  9. This is illogical since 1-9 and 10 are incompatible. Each activity’s instructions should be read and followed. Why did you want to adopt #10 rather than #1-9? If anything, do the first nine; at the very least, you’ll get a 9/10!!

  10. My mother has a story about a test where the instructions said to read all of the instructions before starting, and then to only sign it and hand it in. She was very anxious about handing it in ahead of time, but she was also the only one who passed the examination.

  11. This “cute” test is a nightmare if you have ADHD.

    After three lines, you forget what the hell you were reading.

    What kind of deranged moron came up with this concept?

  12. One of the numbers was to yell out “I’m great at following directions and progressing well through the test!” I did a variation of this where one of the numbers was to yell out “I’m great at following directions and progressing well through the test!”

  13. Meanwhile, I’m over here reading the first line of instructions and mentally performing #1-9, but I’m still embarrassed by the class I made up in my mind…

  14. This nonsense put us ADHD students on notice. We were mocked for being too eager to complete the silly assignment rather than paying attention to every word on the paper. From top to bottom, from left to right

  15. > Read and follow **each** activity’s instructions.

    As guided, I read the entire list. I start with 1-9 because I have to follow the instructions for each operation. After that, I perform 10 by not repeating 1-9, then print my name and wait for my reward.

  16. This was done to us in fifth grade, so I spent the rest of the year going through all of the questions on the tests she gave us, and it never paid off.

  17. If you’re following the rules right, you’ll read them all first. You don’t do #10 first after reading because it isn’t the first step, despite the fact that you read it. It’s almost as if you’ve never seen #10. However, once you’ve gotten to it, it’s a bit of a paradox, but hey, you’re done.

  18. One of them was given to me in the 1990s. I finished each one one at a time, but as everyone started laughing, I realized something was wrong. I read through it and recognized what it was all about.

    Head down, power through, and complete, and when the teacher started making fun of me, I pointed out that the last one didn’t have authority based on the phrasing of the instructions. I’d rather have a 9 out of 10 than a 1 out of 10.

  19. In the actual world, things probably wouldn’t be this way. You’ll take steps as they come up so you don’t fall behind at the end of a large job.

  20. Can somebody offer me a real-life example of when you’re given a list of instructions and the last one says to ignore everything before it?

    This is nothing more than a smug teacher’s trick question. I hope they would stop giving these out to students in schools.

  21. God, I recall our theater teacher declaring this to be our “final test,” worth roughly 60% of the semester’s mark.

    I understand the premise, but I’m still irritated that he willingly failed half of our class because of some old as fuck email forward he considered amusing in 2006.

    He was later fired after being caught using cocaine in class.

  22. This type of test was given to me, and I was the only student in the class who completed it correctly. This is because I can’t concentrate on tasks right away, so I’m more likely than others to discover stuff like this by randomly looking at the website.

  23. To be honest, I’d have been the kid sitting there doing nothing, not because I’d read it all the way through, but because I hadn’t bothered to read or acknowledge it and was probably doing something else… Or just don’t show up to class in the first place.

    In a nutshell, that was my school experience, at least in high school.

  24. The unnumbered instruction asking you to obey ALL directions is the issue I have with this. 10 is the polar opposite of that.

  25. I passed because I’m a slacker. I saw there were ten points, but I didn’t want to do all nine, so I only read the first and last xD.

    Who has time to read those ten points, anyway?

  26. As a coach, I’ve done this with students prior to exams. One of the requirements was for them to draw stuff and then stand up and say, “I have drawn a home.” It’s a good reminder to read all of the exam instructions before beginning the paper.

  27. Oh yeah, this reminded me of sixth grade. Of course, I didn’t read it all the way through – I think maybe three people in my class did or something. Ours was a little odd, though; I vaguely recall measuring the length of my desk leg.

  28. When I was a child, they did something similar. I DID read the whole thing and was about to put down my pen and wait patiently, but then I saw everyone else answering the questions and assumed I was doing something wrong, so I got to work.

    Oh, no.

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