Doesn’t get paid enough to deal with this

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  1. I love it when people believe that a minimum-wage cashier at a major retailer cares if the consumer buys anything from them or somewhere else. I just work here, man; it’s bad enough that you’re trying to bargain with me in the checkout line.

  2. I enjoy it “Okay, that’s ok. Have a wonderful day. Now I’m ready to assist the next customer “When someone tries to do that in my bakery.

    And I’m well compensated to deal with it! I used to work as the chief baker in the bakery they’re talking about, so I know they’re lying.

  3. It happens on a regular basis. Then they claim it’s sold out in that location. Then I remind out that technically, they aren’t selling it!

    I despised retail!

  4. “Would you please do me a favor and override the price for me?”
    “Sure, I’m moving on Saturday as well and could use some help, especially since we’re both performing favors for each other. And I’m confident I can count on you to cover my rent if I’m fired for excessive price overrides. Thank you, old friend.”

  5. – Then go purchase something there.

    – However, they’re sold out.

    – All right, I’ll tell you what; when we run out, we’ll sell it for $10 as well.

  6. To be honest, many shops can match competitor rates if you bring them an advertisement or something. But it’s not a particularly uncommon question.

  7. I understand that anyone selling anything wants money, but why in the world do some fools believe that “any money will do”…?

  8. Oh my god, what a clumsy joke. Another shoddy comic aimed at the retail market. How about a comic from the perspective of the customer? That wouldn’t happen because retail employees are angels in disguise and customers are demons.

  9. This is an old joke, but the clerk asks, “Why don’t you go to the other store and buy?” “They don’t have any,” the person says.

  10. What makes this so amusing? It’s not amusing. Not in the least. Is that correct? Is that true? No, it isn’t. I’ll pay you handsomely if you can find me someone who laughed at even the tiniest joke.

  11. I used to work in a college bookstore. Every day, consumers will complain that they could get it cheaper on Amazon.

    So, go ahead and purchase it from there.

  12. Oh my god, what a clumsy joke. Another mediocre comic aimed at supermarket employees. How about a comic from the perspective of the customer? That wouldn’t happen because retail employees are angels in disguise and customers are demons.

  13. While not all retailers, even grocery stores, do this, price matching is a fairly common practice. Grocery stores would actually opt to do so if there wasn’t like endless variables on types of produce, labels and weights.

  14. One of the few policies at Staples that I agree with is the $25 rule. Customers would always try to fight or harass the managers for a price override when I worked at other businesses. Allowing the cashier to simply control it is, in my opinion, a better way.

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