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  1. I had to cancel Blue Apron because they used FedEx and I never received my delivery on time or at all – and it was perishables, such as MEAT.

    I clarified to Blue Apron that it wasn’t their fault, but it was no longer justifiable after FOUR WEEKS AND Several CALLS WITH FEDEX.

  2. If the vendor uses FedEx, I will not buy anything online. They are adamant about not delivering packages to me. Same story: the box has a buzzer# on it, and I’m at home waiting by the phone to track it online. They say that no one is at home. All of the other postal services are unaffected.

  3. You can ask Amazon to use UPS instead of FedEx if you call. This was discovered after a phone I ordered was “missing” three times by FedEx before being shipped successfully by UPS all at once.

  4. You must refrain from pixeling the code. That is not how your package will be delivered.

    top comment edit: remember to back up your personal data, especially photos and videos.

  5. Fed Ex is a jerk; they once tried to charge me $300 for a 4 pound box that was no bigger than my shoulder, despite the fact that I had used an RMA return number. It supposedly weighed 200 pounds and was the size of a piano, according to them. When they admitted their mistake, all they did was deduct $60 from the initial $300 shipping bill. FedEx is a jerk.

  6. What are you talking about? You don’t want to drive 20 minutes from the airport to a strange warehouse to pick up your box that we pretended to deliver three times.

  7. FedEx is the wretchedest of wretched wretched wretched wretched wretched

    Source: My nearly 20-year career in logistics. Currently working as a distribution manager, but will not touch FedEx with a ten-foot pole. FedEx was another company where I worked.

  8. FedEx is the very worst. They never knock or ring the doorbell, but they leave the obnoxious tag?
    I see them put a tag on the door and never ring the bell. They repeat the process over and over. Argh!

  9. My personal experience with the two is as follows:

    While filling out the letter, the FedEx driver noticed me at the door staring him down and was clearly irritated that he might have to deliver anything other than a note.

    As it is pouring raining outside and the temperature is below 30 degrees, the UPS driver will get out of the truck and position the package between the outside facing door and the wooden interior door.

  10. FedEx Ground is the very worst… They’re not FedEx workers, according to what I’ve heard; instead, they’re contractors. At the very least, UPS ground workers are real people.

  11. FedEx is the very worst. I’ve always had issues with them, and it wasn’t until my last apartment that I finally got rid of them. I finally contacted Amazon and requested that my account be set up to never submit products via FedEx.

  12. FedEx drivers have to be the dumbest people on the planet. My account has a note with the gate code and delivery instructions. I even wrote on it that if they can’t open the gate, they could throw the package over the fence and I will be responsible for any harm. What do they really do? Place my packages on the sidewalk outside.

  13. FedEx is the wretchedest of the wretched. I’ve never understood why people complain about UPS; they’re light years ahead of FedEx.

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