For “Tobacco” Use Only

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  1. A new head shop opened in the city where my fiancee used to live, and they had all kinds of bongs and hookahs in the shop window.

    However, they hadn’t finished repainting the building’s exterior, which had previously been a florist’s shop. “Lovely gifts for Mom” was still written on the window sign.

  2. A new head shop opened in the city where my fiancee used to live, with all kinds of bongs and hookahs on display.

    However, the outside of the property, which had previously been a florist’s shop, had not yet been redecorated. “Lovely gifts for Mom,” the sign above the window still said.

  3. Meanwhile, in Canada, on my way home from work, I stop by the old Cannabis Store, where they sell marijuana and bongs, and you can say things like “I’m going to smoke some weed in my bong,” and they’ll say things like “yeah no shit, that’s what we’re all here for.”

  4. I forget how awful it must be to live in a state or location where this isn’t completely legal for adults.

    I guess that’s amusing?

  5. Before there was a head shop on every corner, there was one that gave a significant donation to the police department every year. To keep their thin veneer of being a tobacco pipe shop, they posted signs all over the store with phrases you weren’t permitted to speak.

  6. Wouldn’t tobacco in a bong be exceedingly unpleasant for someone who has never smoked a cigarette and has used pot for over ten years? I know some individuals who put tobacco in their joints, and while I’ve only smoked it once or twice since I can’t bear the flavor, I couldn’t image smoking plain tobacco, let alone in a bong.

  7. I forget how awful it must be to live in a state or country where this isn’t completely legal for adults.

    That’s… amusing, I guess.

  8. “Hey Dave, do you mind if I borrow a cigarette?”

    “I’m new out of the box, but I’ve got something else.”

    *retrieves a 6-foot gravity bong*

  9. Next year, I’ll be fifty years old. I never imagined a period when cigarettes would be completely socially taboo and people would openly trade cannabis candy at work.

  10. I miss the old smoke store signs that said things like: “These are only to be used with tobacco. Because we want to be in business, we sell them for tobacco usage. Keep it to yourself if you’re going to use these for something other than tobacco.”

  11. My state just legalized marijuana, and it felt great to walk into my headshop and say, “Hey, I’m here to look for a BONG to smoke my Cannabis out of.” One of the dumbest rules is that I was once told I couldn’t buy a bowl because I referred to it as a bowl rather than a glass pipe *while paying for it*.

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