American bald eagle v Australian wedge tail eagle.

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  1. Those Aussie wedge tails are huge, my wife is from broken hill, every time we visit out that way you always see them feasting on last nights road kill. It’s necessary to sound an extra long warning blast on the horn since they take a long time to get out of the path.

  2. The part where the poor American eagle is spoken over for cinema because its cry isn’t impressive enough is missing from the film 🙁

  3. The risk scenario for traveling to Australia is now complete. You are being pursued by air, land, and sea creatures. If you can get past the border patrol.

  4. The American crow is still a large bird. It’s a little obnoxious to refer to it as a glorified seagull. It’s akin to referring to humans as glorified apes.

  5. The Steller’s sea eagle is the world’s largest eagle. The Wedge-tailed Eagle isn’t even in the top five eagles in terms of size.

  6. I am one of the least patriotic Americans there is, but after reading this, I became VERY protective of our bald eagle and felt compelled to defend that ours was still more badass. I even like Australia…but when you insulted our kid……our “glorified seagull” kid, something clicked.

  7. The assertion that the bald eagle is “one of the tiniest eagles in the world” offends me much. They wouldn’t even be eagles of medium size. They’re massive.

  8. Anyone from the United States who sees this should remember that we had to choose between a bald eagle and a turkey. The bald eagle is my favorite!

  9. Are we meant to be angry that your government built surveillance drones that are larger than ours? I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

  10. The facts about the American Bald Eagle, on the other hand, are completely false. They’re not much smaller than a wedge eagle, and they don’t just consume fish; they’ll scavenge and attack small rodents as well.

  11. To be fair. The second prominent bird was proposed for the US national bird was the turkey. It was highly regarded by Ben Franklin.

  12. I can guess what it says about the Australian eagle without reading it.

    -It’s a poisonous plant.

    -If it stares at you, you will turn stone.

    -It’s about the same size as the Empire State Building.

    -They are frequently discovered in people’s restrooms and bedrooms.

  13. Parachuters, paragliders, and drones will all be attacked by all eagles. Bald eagles, red-tailed hawks, peregrine falcons, prairie falcons, Mississippi kites, and other raptors are well-known for it. Almost every extremely territorial predator that perceives humans as a threat. In fact, I’ve personally saw an American Kestrel attack a drone that was twice its size.

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