“A Better Place Without Her”

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  1. I’m not sure why this is in here, but it’s sad as hell. Yes, she abandoned her children and is most certainly a bad person, but dammit!

  2. Yesterday, I was discussing one of my favorite quotes: “Everyone is a villain in someone else’s life.” Just make sure you’re not the villain in the eyes of whoever is writing your obituary.

  3. This is something I recall! When that obituary was written, I was working in Minnesota, and wow. The two town drunks were treated with greater deference than the children they had abandoned. Someone’s age does not imply that they are a good person. In this lady’s situation, the adage holds true: the good die young, while the bad live forever.

  4. So the grandparents reared Jay and Gina, but only the mother abandoned them? Isn’t it possible that their father has abandoned them as well?

  5. If the wife’s lover hadn’t died before she could abandon her children and husband for some excellent dick and a fantasy, this would be the plot of The Bridges of Madison County.

  6. When my mother’s husband died, as unpleasant and sour a man as ever lived, my sister urged the priest to merely say the least that constituted funeral. The service was for our mother, of course. His own children didn’t seem to mind whether he had a funeral.

  7. I’ve already informed my nieces that I will be unable to attend my parents’ burial. Today is my mother’s 83rd birthday. And I don’t give a damn. I prayed last night that I would not feel any guilt today, that she was the one who caused it, and that I could forgive in my heart, but that I would no longer be a doormat for them.

  8. Finally, an obituary where someone isn’t transformed from a nasty jerk to a saint just because they’re dead. This obituary is a blessing.

  9. This is rather refreshing, to be honest. I despise it when people are remade as better than they were when they died.

    An arsehole will always be an arsehole. Whether you’re dead or living.

  10. So Jay and Gina were raised by their grandparents, but their mother was the only one who abandoned them? Isn’t it possible that their father has abandoned them as well?

  11. I’ve already informed my brother and sister that I will not be attending our father’s burial. He, too, will not be reconciled on his deathbed. And if my siblings are clever, they won’t bring it up, because if they do, I’m going to go up in front of everyone and start a ruckus. People, don’t be afraid to tell it how it is. Don’t let your POS parents take up anymore of your lives than they already have.

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