Workload of two

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  1. This has happened to me numerous times.

    Instead of just offering a raise, companies wind up hiring two employees at more than what the first individual was asking for, costing the company more than twice as much.

    So naive.

  2. I’ve been here before. Regardless, I departed. If they needed two people to replace me but wouldn’t pay me, I figured they didn’t appreciate me.

  3. I quit my job two months ago in search of brighter pastures. I was overworked on a regular basis, which had a negative impact on my health. They’ve employed three people to replace me so far, with a fourth on the way by the end of the month.

    My former coworkers had the audacity to claim that it was “because I am so good” But this is not the case. It’s because I was used and mismanaged on a fundamental level.

  4. I also love when my request for a well deserved raise is denied, but more hours are generously offered!

    How about also the health insurance offered that I can’t afford because you don’t pay me enough to afford it.


  5. My recent bosses:

    “It doesn’t matter if you’re covering for two, three, or however many people; you work the same hours, so you get paid the same!”

    To put it another way, don’t try to do more than one person’s work. We’ll just pay you the same amount.

  6. This is precisely why I resigned from my previous position. I found a position where I am well compensated and the workload is not excessive. Within 6 months, my previous company contacted me again, ready to pay far more than I would have agreed to when I was still employed there. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  7. Check which ones are the most exploitable and screen out those who demonstrate self-worth, because they will hire two and many more. Some employment are designed for people who put forth little effort; anything extra is considered a plus. It’s sick, but it’s the level we’ve come to expect.

  8. My first work in the film industry was as an editor. My supervisor tried to fuck with me, so I quit and filed a lawsuit against them. Not only did I win in court, but their trash was never released.

    For some, the thrill of being in charge is more important than their job.

  9. So far, I’ve observed that aid does not arrive until something goes wrong. Instead of fixing the problem before it becomes a crisis, burning people out, wrecking their morale, and making the customer irate seems to be the better option.

  10. This is what occurred to me! I obtained a better-paying job, and they hired four individuals and gave them all better titles than I did. Meanwhile, I’m dissatisfied with my new position, and I’m sad and unsure of what to do. I actually enjoyed my old job, I just wish they had paid me for it.

  11. Except what actually happens is that it gets offloaded to someone else already there who they hope won’t have the courage to do the same thing

  12. Years ago, Walmart had an hourly management position known as Zone Manager. During a meeting with all of the ZMs, the DM said, “Imagine how many part-time workers we could hire if you all quit.”

  13. You should all watch the original Star Trek and follow in Chief Engineer Scotty’s footsteps. He would tell the captain 12 if a job took 4 hours. If it takes a day, three days, and so on. Then he’d ‘bust a gut’ and ‘work his staff hard’ to finish the project in 6-8 hours or two days. Captain is overjoyed, engineering is overjoyed, and Scotty is overjoyed. Legend!

  14. This sounds like it was written by someone from the Department of Defense. Some careers have over 100% qualified personnel on paper- but they have no experience and won’t be useful for 4 years.

  15. This was my experience! I obtained a better-paying job, and they hired four individuals and gave them all more salary and titles than I had. Meanwhile, I despise my new job, am sad, and have no idea what to do. My last job was enjoyable; I only wish they had compensated me for it.

  16. I like the one that says we need to take on more work or we’ll have to let folks go. Then, because they can’t cover all of the shifts, they send out overtime emails every day.

    It’s as though they believe everyone is a moron. To be fair, some people are. In the business, I believe it’s referred to as “having a positive mindset.”

  17. This is what occurred to me! I obtained a better-paying job, and they hired four individuals and gave them all more salary and titles than I did. Meanwhile, I’m dissatisfied with my new position, and I’m sad and unsure of what to do. I enjoyed my last job; I simply wish they had compensated me for it.

  18. My previous boss in the retail industry: You’ve been promoted! You’ve gained 12 new tasks as well as a 50 cent boost!

    Me: All right… So, who’s going to take over my previous job?

    WTF are you talking about, retail boss? That job AND this job are both yours! Now, you ungrateful jerk, take your 50 cents!

  19. During Covid, my prior employer had a raise freeze, despite the fact that they were in severe need of employees due to increased demand for their services.

    Employer before.

  20. This is really true!
    We had a terrific manager who asked for a raise and was denied, so she resigned.
    Her employee succeeds to the manager’s role, earning the same salary as the previous boss and having the ability to hire other individuals.

    ….I usually tell them that if they want it bad enough, they’ll make it happen.

  21. This is a conversation I’ve had with two different companies.
    1 with me requesting a raise.
    2 with a request for a raise from one of my employees.

    Both concluded with the employee departing, a productivity slump during the hiring/training process, and the hiring of multiple candidates for the role.

  22. As a manager, I deal with this on a daily basis.

    There will be no overtime!

    However, if I offer this individual 2 hours of OT per week, he earns more money and completes 80 hours of labor in 42 hours. We are able to save money, and he is delighted to do so!

    There is no such thing as an inexpensive OT.

    However, it is not as costly as working 30+ hours a week on a regular basis….

    It makes no difference!

    *smacks his head against the desk*

  23. In my lifetime, I’ve owned both a 740 Turbo and a 240 DL. Tank cars and a vintage design scream “unemployed hippy.”

    I’ll be purchasing a Tesla shortly, but darn if I don’t miss my old Volvos.

  24. Because “our salaries are competitive with those of our competitors,” I recently received a promotion and a 0% raise.

    The term “competitors” is used in a very specific sense. Obviously, this isn’t a working situation for me.

  25. That’s why the key is to make oneself useful enough at work to be irreplaceable but not so valuable that you’re exploited. Alternatively, we could MOASS and then none of us would have to deal with that nonsense ever again.

  26. “Here are my contractual prices; as you can see, I’m 15% less expensive than two individuals to recruit, plus I don’t require any training. In addition, I resigned.”

    cc: Boss’s boss and hiring director

  27. >And what if you decide to quit. We’re going to hire two people.

    No, they won’t, at least until after your successor’s replacement has been fired.

  28. We’ll shift your workload onto your coworkers if you leave, and we’ll keep doing it until everything falls apart, everyone quits, and management is forced to rehire 2/3 of the team. Strike and reclaim as much of your life as possible.

  29. Because of this, no one at my workplace has received a raise or promotion in over a year. I just put in my two weeks for a job that pays 40% extra.

  30. They were serious when they said I was *trying too hard*. In the event of a pandemic. The unit was on fire, and nurses were being tripled left and right.

    In my spare time, God forbid I start IVs for nurses who have just completed their orientation. Alternatively, you may translate Spanish. Alternatively, you can assist in the turn. Alternatively, you may work a week’s worth of shifts. No, my steady pt waiting for a bed may need water at any time.

    Maybe they miss me, but it’s unlikely.

  31. I’m not sure what to make of it either. Work is like a rotating door.

    Why not simply give employees better contracts? Make them WANT to be a part of our team. As a result, they’re looking forward to going to work. As a result, they have a sense of belonging.

    Instead they burn us out with bogus hours, refuse to staff properly, and get mad when we need to call people for OT when things are falling apart.

  32. Because you work so hard and are so kind, no one gives you a raise. You only get a raise if the employer wants to keep you and is willing to pay you just enough to keep you.

    Regrettable reality

  33. I’ve heard a similar explanation for why many hospitals hire travelers rather than raise their own staff wages: it’s because of a different budget.

    But it’s just something I read somewhere on Reddit, so who knows if it’s true. Please feel free to add your two cents!

    By the way, I adore these comics!!

  34. Yep. I’ve been thinking about launching a >!rule 5! One of my coworkers thinks it would be a wonderful idea, but I haven’t discussed it with anyone else. I don’t think I’ll be able to, but a man can dream, right?

  35. The strange aspect is that training and turnover are two of the most expensive budget items. Businesses can’t afford to lose millennial and Generation Z workers, but they still treat their employees like garbage. They hire freshmen out of college who have never worked a day in their lives and put them in charge of those who do work and know the company. It is illogical.

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