Went to museum and they had a working piano they had this sign

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  1. “Every time someone performs Heart & Soul,” my high school choir instructor stated, “a piano falls out of a window and dies.” He had a flair for the theatrical. #RIPMrA

  2. At work, we had a sign similar to this. He didn’t want some drunk schmuck playing it and perhaps desynching it because it was a self-playing piano.

    Of course, this did not deter the drunks. It was viewed as a challenge by many.

  3. Pro tip: gradually reduce the volume to zero, change the channel to whatever you want to watch, and then gradually increase the level again.

  4. I recall being with a group of people at the Denver Art Museum who were grumbling about someone playing the piano who didn’t know how to play it. I had to kindly explain that they were tuning the piano in question.

  5. As a pianist, I interpret all “do not play the piano” signs to mean “don’t play unless you know how.” I’ve only been asked to stop a couple of times.

  6. That’s the polar opposite of the one in London’s Kings Cross station. Every time I pass there, there is always a fantastic tourist or student performing. I have no idea where all of these individuals came from!

  7. I’ve been playing the piano for 7 years, but I’ve only learned 1.5 songs that are genuinely decent, and I can only play one advanced piece quite perfectly, so I’m usually playing it, much to the disgust of everyone else.

  8. As a classical pianist, I am compelled to approach a piano and play whenever I see one. I’d feel forced to participate in this one.

  9. I’d either play a pop song to irritate them, or the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata, because that’s about my ability level.

  10. Plays erratically at first…

    The office manager starts running. Oh, stooppp, stooppp, stooppp, stooppp, stooppp,

    I was pretending to be a bumblebee in flight….


    Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please

  11. I only have a short repertoire because I’ve been stuck in a rut for the past year due to quarantine. So I’m sucking.

    I’m hoping to be able to say Chopin Nocturne No. 15 in a few weeks.

  12. Most big classical works’ first two measures, then I’ll whine about being out of practice and not being able to play the rest 🙂

  13. When I saw one of them, I knew the person who put it up would prefer a newbie playing Einaudi, Amelie, or anything over me performing a skillful repertoire.

  14. Heaven’s stairwell,
    So the warden comes to a halt and displays the « No Stairway » sign.

    Then I’d move on to Claude Debussy’s “étude pour les accords.”

  15. Greetings, Mrs. Piano!

    Is it okay if I play on your keys…..? I will not harm you in any way…. I can play the piano if you want me to….. I even know how to play Liszt….. Please give me permission to do so……


    Pianist who wishes to remain anonymous


    P.S. Unlike Liszt, I will not shatter your strings.

  16. This strikes me as elitist. What if there’s a tiny youngster who just wants to have some fun and learn a little about how these keys work? Sure, it may be upsetting to people there, but isn’t it also upsetting to players who play incredibly awful tunes but are good enough to play them? Allow everyone to participate, or no one will.

  17. I once went to a shitbar that had an abandoned piano in the corner. My brother is a fantastic pianist, so I requested him to play a few notes, which he did, and everyone enjoyed it. The manager came out and urged him to stop playing the piano because she was afraid he might break it. What the hell was she on about?

  18. My friends and I were walking around our city when we came across a public piano, and one of my friends asked me to teach him something, so we played fly me to the moon together. Then this kid came up to us and said, “Sure, we’ve been playing for a while, you can have it,” and we said, “Sure, we’ve been playing for a while, you can have it,” and he started bashing the keys, and it was hilarious.”

  19. practice on a large scale


    Probably a difficult work by Chopin, Liszt, Bach, or something similar.

    or life’s merry go round :))

  20. If you can’t endure novice players giving it a try, you’re not entitled to free performances from high level ones. I’m going to decline.

  21. I recently read an article that explained why this type of gatekeeping is absurd. Allow everyone to attempt making music if you’re going to have an accessible piano there.

  22. I’ve heard a similar justification for why many hospitals hire foreigners rather than raise compensation for their own employees: it comes from a different budget.

    But if it’s accurate, it’s something I read somewhere on Reddit. Feel free to add your thoughts!

    By the way, I’m a huge fan of these comics!

  23. Let’s hope people at least wear masks when they are I’ll and need to go out though. It was so nice skipping cold and flu season.

  24. Consider going to the piano with the expectation of being able to play, only to be met by a security guard who points to a sign.

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