Historical Photo, est June 2021

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  1. I haven’t gotten sick from anything since I started wearing masks, and I have no plans to stop until we reach a vaccination rate of over 90%. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate not being sick.

  2. What is the name of this store? The clearance tag is unfamiliar to me. This winter, I’ll need to stock up on Covid and flu medicine. In addition, I haven’t had a cold since January of this year.

  3. I work in closeout/overstock liquidation, and the amount and size of PPE offers we get are mind-boggling. You couldn’t just hand it over for free.

    Hand sanitizers with a diameter of 1mm or more are the most common deals.

  4. I’ve been able to find hand sanitizer 3 bottles for $2. Alcohol wipes are $0.99 each. It’s been a long time since my keyboard has been so spotless.

  5. Let’s hope people at least wear masks when they are I’ll and need to go out though. It was so nice skipping cold and flu season.

  6. I work in closeout/overstock liquidation, and the amount and size of bargains we get for personal protective equipment is ridiculous. It was not something you could give away for free.

    Hand sanitizers with a thickness of one millimeter or more are the most common deals.

  7. Due to overproduction, I wouldn’t be shocked to see masks in stores for a few more years. Those fidget spinners are still on a shelf behind the cashier at my local 7/11. It’s most likely been there for a long time.

  8. It’s remarkable how many people seem to believe this is ended; just because a local government is easing restrictions doesn’t imply it’s finished; more than half of the world still lacks access to vaccines, and new varieties are emerging; I’d hold off on widespread PPE disposal.

  9. When this lady asked where our face masks were, I pointed to the mostly-empty shelf. It’s finished, Ma’am!!! Why have you been waiting so long!!!

  10. “Remember how foolish everyone was during the pandemic, fighting for toilet paper and masks?”

    *For the millionth time, hits refresh on the best purchase 3080 page*

  11. When describing a date, you want to use “ca.” instead of “circa.” “Est.” means “established” and refers to the date a business was created

  12. Now is the time to stock up while supplies last! But, seriously, this nonsense isn’t going away until the next flu season. Or as we used to refer to it, flu season. It’s covid season now.

  13. The end is still a long way off.

    Keep your wits about you and don’t let your guard down. Lockdowns and injection coercion are on the way.

  14. Only a racist trump supporting republican could put these on sale to entice people to keep wearing masks and hsowo solidarity with those who stormed the capital in what was known as ‘the most violent act of treason in human history’.
    Please spread the word about this store so that we can boycott it.

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