i meaaan it s kinda true

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  1. This is something my girlfriend and I talk about all the time. How delicious vegetables can taste, and how awful they can be if cooked incorrectly. No wonder people grow up thinking they hate veggies, or developing a dislike that was originally based on bad cooking.

  2. My entire reality changed when I discovered that you can roast and/or grill veggies.

    Mom used to merely cook them until they were mush.

  3. No, I truly despise the flavor and texture of broccoli. There are a slew of other vegetables whose texture irritates me. I can put up with them somewhat, but I still don’t like them.

  4. This is exemplified by Brussels Sprouts. Delicious when roasted or prepared properly in various ways, but bland and unappealing when boiled and improperly seasoned. They have a poor reputation.

  5. Does it still count as “liking vegetables” if your exceptionally nicely prepared vegetables don’t taste like the actual vegetable they are?

    To use an extreme example, would you say you enjoy flour because you enjoy a good loaf of bread?

  6. Seriously.

    Most people who claim to despise vegetables believe that veggies are overcooked frozen broccoli, sad bagged salad, and canned mixed vegetables. What’s more, you know what? Yes, I despise them as well!

    Fresh vegetables, on the other hand, are a different storey and can be insanely delicious; I literally crave vegetables and consume an absurd amount of them on a regular basis.

  7. While this is partially accurate, there are additional aspects to consider, such as taste bud sensitivity, as well as how someone chews and how their gag reflex reacts.

  8. For health concerns, I know a female who is vegan. She despises the fact that she needs to be vegan. I assured her that it would be fine because where we work, there are plenty of vegetables. She said she doesn’t eat vegetables or fruit and just eats a yeast-free bread with hummus. I passed away. Have you ever tried a mango before? Broccoli??? How can you say you don’t like vegetables or fruit???

  9. We should feel sorry for those who were raised on junk food and are now unable to appreciate real meals. It’s often due to what was available to them as youngsters – it’s not their fault if their parents were too busy to cook and left them with items like quick mac n cheese or fish sticks.

  10. Worst of all, my father could cook. For the most of my childhood and adolescence, he worked as a chef, but when he cooked vegetables for us, he steamed them with salt and pepper. Not bad, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. After a 60-hour week, I understand he was tired of cooking.

  11. Why would children grow up to prefer vegetables if their parents feed them junk food and give them junk food whenever they cry?

    If children are solely served veggies for breakfast, they will grow up believing that this is the norm.

    Children are like a blank canvas. With a few hereditary exceptions, they were trained or schooled not to like something if they don’t like it.

  12. I completely agree, however in my situation my mother cooks fantastically, I was just annoying as a child, but I believe that as we get older, we should all try different foods because as children, everything that isn’t sugar tastes ‘awful.’

  13. I knew I loved vegetables despite my parents idea of dinner being whatever meat they cooked and a half raw potato if I was lucky. As a kid, I was irritated by our cuisine.

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